An Inkling

I’ve been toying with the idea to showcase my passion for all forms of art for a while now, too daunted by the amount of work involved and too discouraged by the insane amount of steps in order to reach the top of the figurative ladder.  There are so many great artists in the world, and to think that I could create alongside them and dream to stand out among them is certainly ambitious of me.

However, regardless of their expansive talent and my lack thereof, I’ve discovered that I feel less alive when I am not creating. Like my soul is a coma patient in the hospital of life, permanently attached to all manner of machines that keep it beating and breathing. Going through the motions, just doing the next thing that’s on the list, my mind permanently Elsewhere.

And through Elsewhere has it’s merits, I’ve discovered that’s not enough.

I don’t want my soul barely breathing in a hospital. I want it climbing my mount Everest, getting lost in the streets of Istanbul, stumbling through the pubs of Ireland. I want my soul to feel butterflies as I steadily climb on a rollercoaster where I can’t see the rails. Do the thing that frightens me, that challenges me, that drives me mad with perfectionism only because I know that it matters.

I’ve gotta do the thing that makes my soul feel alive.

To me, that is art. It is words, it is design, it is video. It’s creativity.

Because I refuse to survive. I want to live.

Welcome to Make Good Art.

– Deb, on January 2015, with Sherlock (the cat) by her side and her dreams still on paper


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